Lovey Dovey Diamond Dovehouse

Lovey Dovey Diamond Dovehouse


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  • Designed, manufactured, and shipped in the United States


  • Made with cedar and stained with 100% bio-based eco-friendly wood stain


  • Cute & Compact. Half the size of our “Lovey Dovey Original Dovehouse”.


  • Proven to attract doves (Doves will nest in these dove houses!)


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As an alternative to our “Lovey Dovey Original Dovehouse”, this dove house is perfect if you’re looking for something more compact and more affordable. The ‘Lovey Dovey Diamond Dovehouse’ is also made of cedar and stained with 100% bio-based eco-friendly wood stain. We’ve had great success with doves nesting in this dove house. It will require cleaning occasionally, as the chances of doves re-nesting is higher with a clean nesting area.


If you have any questions about getting doves to nest in this dove house, head on over to our Nesting page for more information. Nesting advice for this dove house remains the same as our “Lovey Dovey Original Dovehouse”.



** If you have a pet cat or you have regular visits from neighborhood cats, we do not recommend you purchase our dove houses. Cats will seek out and kill young doves.



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 x 9.875 x 9.875 in


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