Lovey Dovey Original

Lovey Dovey Original


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  • Designed, manufactured, and shipped in the United States


  • Made with cedar and stained with 100% bio-based eco-friendly wood stain


  • Removable base board for easy cleaning


  • ** Proven to Attract Doves (See video below in “Video” tab)



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‘Lovey Dovey Original’ is the first creation of Lovey Dovey Birdhouses. Much thought and design has gone into making sure these dove houses are both functional and attractive. The ‘Lovey Dovey Original’ is made of cedar and stained with 100% bio-based eco-friendly wood stain.


We designed the base boards for easy cleaning. To remove the base board by hand, unscrew the thumb screw just enough to loosen it. Then, pull the base board out and any nesting material should fall out of it’s accord (you may want to do this over a trash can). After cleaning, slide the base board back into place and tighten the thumb screw against the middle dowel. It doesn’t have to be extremely tight, just enough to keep the base board from wobbling. Doves are more likely to nest in the dove house if the base board is secure (doesn’t move).


We’ve had success with doves nesting in these dove houses as many as 6 times in one season. They started nesting the day after we put the dove houses into place and haven’t stopped since (we have more than one on our house). If you have any questions about getting doves to nest in this dove house, head on over to our Nesting page for more information.



** If you have a pet cat or you have regular visits from neighborhood cats, we do not recommend you purchase our dove houses. Cats will seek out and kill young doves.



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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 x 5.25 x 11.75 in


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