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Lovey Dovey Original


After experiencing the joy of watching doves successfully raise their young in such close proximity to us, we very much wanted to share this experience with others. We hope our dove house helps you find a greater love and appreciation for nature.


You can watch videos of mourning doves nesting in our 'Original' dove house here | Video Gallery

Intended Use
This dove house is intended to be mounted to a wall under the eave of a house or similar structure, with the included screw, washer, and anchor.
We cannot guarantee the durability of our dove houses if the above condition is not met.
If you want your dove house to last for as long as possible, DO NOT :

• Place your dove house in a tree.
• Place your dove house in an area with no overhanging eave.
• Hang your dove house with a string/wire/etc.

We designed the base boards for easy cleaning. To remove the base board by hand :

1. Unscrew the thumb screw just enough to loosen it.
2. Pull the base board out and any nesting material should fall out of it's own accord (you may want to do this over a trash can).
3. After cleaning, slide the base board back into place and tighten the thumb screw against the middle dowel. It doesn't have to be extremely tight, just enough to keep the base board from wobbling. Doves are more likely to nest in the dove house if the base board is secure (doesn't move).

Included with Your Purchase
• Lovey Dovey Original
• 1 Thumb Screw (8-32 x 3/4in, Zinc-Plated)
• 1 Screw (#10 Stainless Steel, Pan-head, Phillips, 1in Length)
• 1 Washer (#10 Stainless Steel)
• 1 Conical Anchor (Will fit #10 or #12 screw, Plastic, Ribbed, 1in Length)


You can find in-depth answers to your all your questions on our website's FAQ page :)

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